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Certified Chief Innovation Officer

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The Certified Chief Innovation Officer (CMI-CIO) certification is intended for those individuals working at the top leadership level of their organization’s innovation effort and for those working to achieve recognition of their significant level of knowledge of the science of innovation as demonstrated in the business environment.


Candidates for the Certified Chief Innovation Officer certification must fulfill the following criteria.  A more detailed version can be downloaded at https://www.iaoip.org/resource/resmgr/docs/Certified_CMI-CIO_Requiremen.pdf.

Requirements & Process:

1.     This certification is open to all members of IAOIP in good standing.

2.     The applicant must have first completed and be in possession of a valid Management of Innovation certification from IAOIP.

3.     Experience: An individual must have as a minimum:

a.     5 years’ experience in managing and directing projects with significant innovation content.

b.     5 years in a management role as defined by organizational responsibilities for planning, creating, and executing the processes, procedures and activities in their organization which require the use of the science of innovation.

4.     Education

a.     No degree is required for this role as the ability to manage high innovation content projects and activities can be conducted through a broad range of skills and abilities. Some of these abilities may be “natural” or acquired through experience. As a result, IAOIP does not require a degree.  However, it will place a stronger emphasis on the results presented and the experiences demonstrated by the applicant.

b.     A degree in management or business from an accredited institution may be substituted for two years of the experience requirement subject to approval of the IAOIP Certification Committee. Programs accredited by IAOIP are preferred but not required. Degree programs that combine business, technology, management and creativity are those with the preferred foundation for applicants in the demonstration of sufficient education for reduction in the experience requirement.

5.     Application

a.     Each individual seeking the Certified Management of Innovation-Chief Innovation Officer certification must complete and submit a formal application. A copy of the form is maintained for downloading by IAOIP at https://www.iaoip.org/resource/resmgr/docs/CMI-CIO_Application_Form.pdf.

b.     Each completed application is to be submitted for initial review to the Vice-President of Certification Programs, Dr. Darrel Sandall (darrel@iaoip.org). The VP of Certification Programs will perform an initial review of the application for completeness and basic qualifications. Incomplete forms will be returned to the applicant for additional information.

6.     Documents required from applicant for candidacy:

a.     Once the application is accepted the following documents must be provided by the applicant.

i.     If, under Section 4.b., the candidate is seeking to substitute a business or management degree in place of part of the experience requirement listed in Section 3.a., they must provide certified university transcript for highest degree obtained. If more than one of equal level (i.e., an applicant may have two Master’s level degrees), then one from the most applicable program will be accepted.

ii.     A CV listing the following:

1.     Colleges attended and degree obtain from each. List of titles to thesis and dissertation as appropriate.

2.     Other certifications in the field of innovation, business, technology and/or management.

3.     Work History

a.     Last ten years maximum in detail with responsibilities, accomplishments, awards.

b.     Over ten years list company name, title, main job responsibility with respect to innovation content.

4.     Publication history

a.     All publications shall be listed in order from most recent to oldest being last.

b.     This list should include all papers in peer reviewed journals or creditable and recognized resources pertaining to the practice of innovation, the creation of new knowledge in the field of innovation management and case studies focused on the management of projects/activities involving high innovation content. Do not list projects whose focus was efficiency, cost reduction, etc. where the results were essentially the same product/service no matter how lower the cost or increase in profits.

c.     Books pertaining to innovation, the science of innovation and the management of high innovation projects.

d.     Articles in the popular press.

i.     NOTE: Individual blogs should not be included. If applicant has one or more blog sites they may be listed here by title only. Do not include postings.

iii.     A 250 word composition stating why the applicant feels they merit being certified as a Chief Innovation Officer.

NOTE: Once the requirements have been met and the candidate has been accepted to continue the formal certification process, the following process will proceed.

Formal Certification Process

1.     The formal certification process shall consist of:

a.     Documentation of an already-completed project with significant innovation content.

b.     The completion of a paper, suitable for publication in the International Journal of Innovation Science.

c.     A formal Applicant Certification Committee (APC) review of the applicant’s project, paper and suitability for certification.

d.     A personal interview between the applicant and at least two members of the APC members.

2.     The formal certification process, including documenting the innovation project, writing the paper, the APC review, and the applicant interview may not take more than 24 months to complete, but can be completed in a much shorter timeframe if the applicant is able to complete the required steps more quickly.  If the process extends longer than 24 months, the applicant must pay an extension fee of $375 to extend the certification timeframe by an additional 12 months. If extenuating circumstances have cause the process to extend longer than the original 24 months, the applicant may apply for an extension in writing.  Granting the extension is at the sole discretion of the APC.

Questions: If you have any questions about the requirements or process, please contact Darrel Sandall, Vice-President of Certification Programs at darrel@iaoip.org.


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